Winfield Landrush (pre-festival, not pre-music)

posted Sep 10, 2016, 12:08 PM by David Hakan
Winfield is the home of the Walnut Valley Music Festival each September. But one week before the Festival, eager campers line up for a chance to get their ideal camping spot. Thus Land Rush. I have heard stories, but they did not come close to the reality. Would you believe 50 camping trailers and rigs? Or 100? All lined up and sleeping in their car or rig overnight? Try 1,000! Way too many to fit on the highway. All the parking is organized to allow campers to head for the campground areas when their part of the line is next. 
Not many tent campers here. The acoustic music family is aging and investing in bigger and Bigger rigs. RVs from east to west. I'm glad I had my little Luna Starry Night guitar to play some tunes while we waited in line. David