More Truck, You Need More Truck

posted May 30, 2017, 7:10 PM by David Hakan
More Truck, You Need More Truck
When I was at MerleFest, our camp neighbor was pulling a small Airstream with a Silverado (Chevy) truck. 
I explained as well as I could about my Gypsy Wagon Studio. He said, "You need more truck."
The builders kept estimating that the final wagon would only weigh about 4,500 lbs. I said, "I don't think so, really."
So I told them to wait till the exact tandem axle trailer was ordered and the wood was in, and the final design done for the back porch. 
(Stay tuned for the post on the back porch. Heaven for Stage 11.)
So they finally said, "You know what? This is going to weigh 6,000 lbs!"
I start looking Right Away for More Truck. I need time to get gauges installed, a hitch, and a work cap to hold gear securely in the truck bed area. 
Now the Chevy Silverado is the truck of choice for almost all the big trailers I've seen in my travels. (City work trucks however, are almost always Fords.) So I look at several Silverados in KC. Now there are about seventy-eleven different models and packages for these. Nowhere does it list How Much It Can Tow. I am also, not the only one in town getting a truck to travel with this summer. Trucks were going in a few days or a week on the market. 
So I found a truck in my price range that can comfortably tow 9,600 lbs, And has 4-wheel drive. I snatched it up. (Yes, I could have shopped longer and gotten a better price, but these installations will be done about one week before I leave for Florida to pick up the Gypsy Wagon Studio.) 
So I realize that this is my first truck...ever. It looks big. It feels big on the road. But it is quiet and smooth. You know those uphill, short, highway entrance ramps? This 5.3L engine just sprints up these...when it is not towing, of course. So here it is in all its Silver glory.