Little Lady - My Dream Guitar

posted Jun 7, 2017, 7:27 PM by David Hakan
Little Lady - My Dream Guitar
For one year, I have been playing my 3/4 size guitar, writing songs on them, trying to play out with them. They convinced me that I need to have a 3/4 size guitar as my Main Guitar. 
The problem is that these are student/travel guitars that cut corners in one or more ways. Wouldn't it be nice to have a professional guitar that is a 3/4 size. My small hands can really play so much more cleanly, for hours. 
Cole Clark of Australia did a prototype of just such a guitar, with the famous 3-way pickup. They said it would be ready in the fall of 2016. 
Why did it take me so long to get one?
They wanted it perfect. They had to reinvent the amplifier, they tried to certify Rosewood for it. They tried to use Australian Redwood for it. Their website Still says they are unavailable. 
I tried to order in this Little Lady 2 model in Missouri, but the music store dropped the Cole Clark line. The closest dealer is in...Minnesota. They said there were two at the North American Distributors warehouse in...Quebec. One was 100 year old Redwood top with Blackwood back and sides. 
Now I have always thought that buying a guitar "long distance" was really, really stupid. But I didn't want to wait another whole year. 

Well, I have used up all my good Karma on this one. The guitar arrived today. It is My Dream Guitar. Here's a picture and videos coming soon.