I Like The Old Tech

posted Jan 31, 2017, 1:54 PM by David Hakan   [ updated Jan 31, 2017, 2:07 PM ]

I Like The Old Tech

I was on my own this week with Dave Lizor busy at work. No problem, I have a power miter saw in my basement. It will be fine. 

Except that after sitting for two years…it would not work. Not even turn on. 

So I grabbed my old had crosscut saw and used some elbow grease. Slow but sure. 

It was time to build the two walls of the bathroom in the back corner. Since this is mainly an audio test, I just needed to cobble something together from the scraps left from building the shell. The problem with the bathroom is that the wall facing the benches is parallel to the big open wall at the front. So it needs two things, a diffuser and a bass trap. Now you can spend money on these made out of wood for your regular recording studio, but they are pricey. 

So for this test I needed some cheap half-cylinders. Branches, yeah. Really cheap. Don’t worry, I’ll have a real artist do the real diffusers. It will be fine. 

Then I needed a bass trap. (Not a bear trap.) The bass notes often are a problem in a small space so the really Really pricey ones out of wood are really just a lot of vertical slats. Two-by-four scraps are all over my garage. Really cheap. It will be fine. Modern art.