Gypsy Wagon Yellow

posted May 17, 2017, 2:59 PM by David Hakan
Gypsy Wagon Yellow
It has been over a month since posting that I actually put money down on the Gypsy Wagon Studio. It is being built in Florida by the folks at Trekker Trailers. 
So before I dismantle the Shell, I used it to test some different stains and paints. 
The paneling on the front and back will be cypress. (Here in MO that is considered an "exotic" wood and is hard to find.) So I can't really finish my tests till I get some cypress shipped in. 
The exterior latex is another matter. So I used two colors for the trim on the front of the wagon by the door. The one on the left is a straight crayon yellow, the one on the right is Forsythia, which has just a drop of red and is more saturated. 
Which do you like best?
I have to get this right because both sides will be painted yellow. The railing on the front porch/stage will be yellow. This will get noticed when I arrive someplace.