Gypsy Wagon Studio - First Step on the Journey

posted Jan 3, 2017, 5:39 PM by David Hakan
Gypsy Wagon Sketch 1

The birth of an idea is often messy, noisy, and can take longer than you think. 
It all started when I came back from two trips to music festivals in camper trailers. I was able to brew coffee in the morning and in general, it was way better than a tent. I also, realized that I have too much stuff when I tour and camp at the same time, for my little Subaru Outback. But I vowed Never to pull a trailer. (Remember this vow.) No, I would get a small motorhome. This fall I started realizing that teachers don't make enough (OK, not nearly enough) to ever ever afford a small motorhome. But that didn't stop me from looking and dreaming. (Someday) But what I quickly realized was that even nice motorhomes are Cramped. Yes, by the time you get all that kitchen, bed, bathroom, and seating inside, you have barely enough room to squeeze around anywhere. They are definitely not guitar friendly. And TWO people with guitars? Forget it. So my Brain is undaunted and suggests: What if I pulled a small trailer behind that just had benches and room for five or six people with their guitars? (Don't believe everything you think.) So I search for small basic trailers, just used to haul stuff. 

Now since Google throws in images of anything with the words, small, basic, or trailer, an image popped up that was a Gypsy Wagon Trailer. So like a search junkie (Is that a real condition?) I then searched for Gypsy Wagon Trailer. Wow. I had no idea people were out there building unique one-of-a-kind DIY wooden camper wagons and tiny houses that are modeled on the traditional gypsy wagons in England and Europe. No idea. 
But what really grabbed me, and would Not Let Go, was an image of a beautifully wood paneled interior with the slanted sides and curved ceiling. My Brain then puts me in this roomy gorgeous space (minus the bed) with my guitar. Then friends join me with instruments and harmony in this wooden band shell concert chamber, and it sounds heavenly. My mouth is open, so my Brain then jumps in with: You could record music videos in here. (Soundproofing would be easy.)
Yes, I can be quite gullible at times. Easy? Easy? Try impossible. More like: No One Has Ever Even Tried It impossible. 

So by now you are thinking about my sketch and my vow. Right. 
I have had wonderful friends who have put up with my obsession, questions, and what if's all fall, and helped me get a clearer picture of what this might become. 
So now I have one more "proof of concept" test to do before I make the leap of faith to have a custom Gypsy Wagon Studio built. I need to test the acoustical space of this 7 x 11 foot wooden box with slanted sides and curved ceiling. I have no experience building. But I do know how to test the sound inside this space. I call it the Shell.  (Finger crossing is allowed.) -David
PS The tree and animal designs on the outside would be carved, stained wood, not painted on. (Maybe in Phase Two?)

David Hakan,
Jan 3, 2017, 5:39 PM