Gypsy Wagon Shell Stain Test

posted Jan 15, 2017, 5:53 PM by David Hakan
The Gypsy Wagon Shell is pretty well done except for the ceiling (roof). This will not be easy. I will also need to get More Wood again to support it. 

So before the ceiling goes on, it will be easier to stand up and put the polyurethane on the wood. This has to be done to test the sound reflection because raw wood is So much softer than finished wood. But since I have to apply the hard coating, why not test a stain, too. 

So I got Polyshade that combines stain and polyurethane so it goes on in one coat. Now I can test for sound reflection and test the movie lights and the darkness of the stain I will need for the finished Gypsy Wagon Studio. 
This will not only be a soundproof recording space, it will be a place to film music videos. So the lighting and color/darkness of the stain will be critical. This stain is called "Pecan". 
What song should I use to test the lights and stain?