Gypsy Wagon Shell Raise the Roof

posted Jan 22, 2017, 4:48 PM by David Hakan
I have been wanting to put the roof on the shell as soon as I got the staining done. Waiting, waiting. 
Finally we have the rafters in place. Now the hard part. Keep in mind that we only have a few inches of headroom above the top of the shell because my little garage has a flat roof that slants down toward the back. 
We get it wrestled into place and start to bend it down. It is NOT wanting to bend the whole way. We need our hands free to do the drilling and driving the screws. Dave says, "Here's where we really need a third person."
So I go looking for some short scraps of wood and jam one into place. It works. 
As SOON as we get the first roof panel in, the space is totally transformed. It is dark. It is cozy. I stop in mid-sentence when I hear my own voice. Then when all three are in place it is magical. 
And a mess. I can't wait till tomorrow when I can clean up and start to build the door and "cabinets" by the door. I SHOULD wait to bring my guitar inside, but I doubt I will be able to wait. 
Dave and I "high five". So cool.