Gypsy Wagon Man

posted Apr 18, 2017, 11:15 AM by David Hakan
OK, just call me the Gypsy Wagon Man. The Deal Is Done. 
After 8 weeks, I finally got the detailed quote from Trekker Trailers on my Gypsy Wagon Trailer they will build. (Well, I did keep adding stuff. But those things will help make it Wow...just WOW.)
Monday I sent in the "half down" payment to get on the build schedule. I should find out soon when they expect it to be ready this summer. 
It feels good to be out of limbo, out of questioning, soul searching, contingency planning and waiting for Someday. 
This will be Way Cool. 
But this means I am Now in the recording and filming business. I am upgrading my gear and software now and can do projects pretty much up till August when I leave for Colorado. That is, when I get back from my North Carolina Tour May 5. 
Make me a Wanderer's heart.