Gypsy Power -- Solar Nomads Unite

posted Jun 29, 2017, 4:38 PM by David Hakan
Gypsy Power -- Solar Nomads Unite
Day 29 of the build for my Gypsy Wagon Studio. I find that the builder expected me to be fine with one solar panel. Cool, I can charge my phone and run LED lights when I'm boondocking. But, wait, what if I am in a remote beautiful wilderness area with a film client? For days? Running all my gear? I need more solar. Fast. Like shipped in to install Next Week. 
Luckily, I had already researched solar in getting my quote specs lined up. But we all forgot about solar with all the soundproofing challenges. I knew I wanted the curved solar panels. Guess where they will go? I knew I would need an inverter for computers, and more than one battery. I also knew the websites of some tech savvy nomads. 
The most common thread was that people were hopeful for solar, but ended up getting more panels and batteries and better quality components. So that tripled my cost for that budget line. But I should be able to work for a week off the grid. 
This is SO important, because most places ON the grid, will not let me charge money to film or record. 

I went with Go Power for my whole system. And found a support tech to help with some More challenges. So now I will have a whopping 384 amp hours of power from my four 12 volt batteries, charged by three 100 watt solar panels on the roof. My 1500 watt inverter is probably too much, but will have room for more gear down the road. The charger and switch will take care of going between shore power (city or campground) and batteries and topping of the batteries when I'm plugged in. This should be good for a week if I get some sun. 

And if I don't...I have my Windwalker 250 wind generator. But that's another post.