First Overnight Test in the Gypsy Wagon Shell 30 Degrees

posted Mar 2, 2017, 7:01 PM by David Hakan
First Overnight Test in the Gypsy Wagon Shell at 30 Degrees
It was time. The design hinges (pun intended) on the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet actually Working, and Fitting in the little shower space of the trailer. 
So I bought the Laveo and moved in for the night. It got down to 30 degrees overnight, but I was inside the garage, and I had the space heater on. Just in case, I brought out my sleeping bag. I am SO glad I did. 
One thing I wanted to test is how fast the space would warm up. If I get in late from playing music and it was 50 degrees inside the Shell. When I was changed and ready for bed it had warmed up to 56 degrees. Most of the night it was about 68 degrees which is fine for me. I think the real heater I end up using will do better than that especially since the Gypsy Wagon Studio will be so well insulated and air tight. 

I did have to have a lot of Stuff, change of clothes, water, LED lights, quick-inflate mattress, etc. Storage is going to be a continual challenge. But with a truck right next to it, this should be quick and easy to set up and pack up. Cosy is good.