Day One Rollin' Home

posted Jul 13, 2017, 6:46 PM by David Hakan
Day One Rollin' Home
First day on the trip back to Kansas City, MO. The Gypsy Wagon Studio adventure has finally begun. 
Lesson 1: Stick to the Interstate
I had two routes all mapped out. One on the Interstate highways I took coming down to Florida, and another that Avoided the Atlanta Crazy Dukes of Hazzard traffic. This route was the scenic backroads and state highways through Alabama. I hate scenic backroads. I took those getting away from the New Mexico blizzard last March. So I choose the Interstate route. I call up the GPS from my Leesburg, FL location...and it takes me on this crazy backroad twisty, 10 mph turns, no edge to the road route that eventually leads to I-75. (probably 40 seconds faster than the main highway) Later during the blinding thunderstorm, I was very glad I was on a well-marked, three-lane freeway. 
Lesson 2: When in Doubt, Wait it Out
I stopped for gas (and binged on junk food to calm my white knuckles) and literally pulled up to the side highway to leave the gas station, when the storm I had driven out of overtook the town. It was a downpour with lots of wind. Now I'm only getting up to about 55 mph on an uphill entrance ramp, and I couldn't really see to the end of the block. So I read for a while. I practiced straightening out the trailer back and forth, and finally the rain lulled. I got back on the highway and went through the tail end and into blue sky. 
Lesson 3: Get a Pull Through RV Site
Backing up with my trailer is SO IMPOSSIBLY HARD, and that is even with expert help! It is so tall and wide and so fragile (actually it is built like a bunker, but one scratch is Too Many). I know I will get really good at it, like I did with my popup trailer, but right now, I was so glad to have a pull through site at the end of all that rain and nervousness. 
Lesson 4: Passing Trucks is Stressful (or was)
I only passed one truck all day, and it had flashers on. It was Nice. I didn't have to negotiate, speed up, worry if one of the trucks was going to pull out in front of me. I just plugged along and let the truckers pass me. With all my weight and distribution hitch, I didn't even feel them as they went by. Yes it takes longer, but not that much longer, driving 65 instead of 75. I think this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  
Hello Georgia, River Park RV!