Day 30 Finishing The Gypsy Wagon Studio

posted Jul 2, 2017, 6:55 PM by David Hakan
Day 30 Finishing the Gypsy Wagon Studio
The soundproofing layers are done. What a tremendous challenge.
Now the fun begins, making it look awesome. This photo of the cypress paneling is Unstained. Unfinished. Use your imagination. 
The back end on the tongue side is almost done. This will get dirty like a windshield on the highway, so I went with paint, not paneling. The LED amber lights are all wired, but not encased yet. The window plugs are being finished, too. They took off the regular metal fenders and brake lights, and are building ones to fit the Gypsy Wagon Studio. 
If you look closer, you will see that the brown is really dark stain against the yellow. Now for making all the details of the interior kitchenette, bathroom and benches come together.
We are in crunch time. The crew is working weekends and sometimes 18 hours straight. I leave in 3 days for Florida. 
These photos stopped me in my tracks. 
So beautiful. So much more than I expected. Feeling very lucky.