Day 14 Building the Gypsy Wagon Studio

posted Jun 13, 2017, 4:04 PM by David Hakan
Day14 Building the Gypsy Wagon Studio
All of a sudden, I have two zillion things on my Must Get Before July 5 list, as I prepare to go south to Florida to pick up my Gypsy Wagon Studio. Generator: check, traffic cones: check, candle lanterns: check (LED of course), HD hitch: check, Brake Controller: check, gas can for the generator: check, fans: check, Hot Spot with antenna: check. 
There have been dozens of small details that needed hammering out (pun intended). You can see in the picture the holes for the small LED amber lights that will line the arch and continue down both sides at the roofline. You can see the stepped wedge around the door and matching door frame to keep out any sound. The floor will be a big surprise....KaChing. But well worth it. 
I have tried not to panic. I have tried to think of everything. We as a team are in uncharted waters. But this ship will be seaworthy.