Audio Test Passes! Let's Do This.

posted Feb 6, 2017, 5:29 PM by David Hakan
The Gypsy Wagon Shell audio test was supposed to take one or two days. Well the good news is that my fears of low frequencies getting magnified was unfounded. But I was getting a "bump" at 1,000 Hz. So I unplugged my "big" Rode mic and hooked up my "little" Rode mic. The bump was almost gone. Ut Oh. Time to invest in a really pro, flat response mic. So I order a Blue Microphones "Baby Bottle". When it arrives I get a much better reading. I put a little padding by the door and everything evens out. I will have to "tune" the final Gypsy Wagon Studio, but that should not be hard at all. 

Once the test was done, I didn't want to leave. I just kept playing my guitar and singing. The space gives a natural compression. This means all the subtleties and nuances of the instrument are heard clearly. These are the delicate parts of a wooden instrument that get lost in a living room with carpet, upholstered furniture and drapes. There is also a natural reverb. When I closed my eyes it seemed like I was playing my guitar in a space twice that size. No echoes, but not dry either. Amazing sound. (And the real Gypsy Wagon Studio will be 5 inches taller. Much bigger. It will have 3/4 inch Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove paneling instead of thin plywood.) It will really sound amazing. 

So my builder is working this week to finish the design and give me the detailed price quote. Let's do this.