4 Years 4 Miles

posted Jun 5, 2017, 3:24 PM by David Hakan
4 Years 4 Miles
It was 4 years ago that I had to stop running. Now for someone who had then been running for 37 years, this was just a bit traumatic. 
Running is often called a positive addiction. Even two weeks off of my running schedule made me, well, cranky. 
I was out for my regular morning run before work. Out two miles, back two miles, shower, shave, dress and race to get to work on time for my classroom. 
I had been having a bit of trouble with leg cramps at that time, and had slowed my pace to avoid more. I was out at my turn around point when I got a bad cramp in my left leg. It would not relax. Walking did not make it go away. I looked at my watch and realized that if I walked back to my house I would be late for work. I couldn't call the school. 
So I ran back anyway. 
This, I found out, is a good way to injure your calve muscle. The rest of that year I really slowed down and shortened my runs. Through physical therapy I tried several things to get me back running. 
When summer came. I gave up running and went to the gym to do my cardio on the elliptical machine. I spent two years trying everything that has even been rumored to help cramps. Nothing worked. 
It was total chance that I was at a friend's house when her physical therapist made a house call. I paid for a session and she explained why she thought I could get back to running. 
So I started physical therapy again. (Keep in mind that there is no cure for cramps just like there is no cure for laryngitis.) There was only one avenue that had yet to be tried, nerve pathway damage. 
As soon as I tackled the problem from that point of view for a few weeks, things began to change. I started running Last Summer for very short, slow runs. 

Now one year later, I'm back. Almost my old speed, and an easy 4 mile run with no cramping. The extra bonus is that now I can be sure to take the time to run every day. 

Some of you may ask, "Why are your shoes up on top of the dresser?" But that's because you have not met my Wild Kittens who like to chew on shoe strings. But that is another post.