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In Midtown


Barbara’s Place

In Midtown

Salt & Pepper Days

Dandelion Garden

The Cabin

Coyote Song

Shawnee Farm

Harold’s Education

Flood of ‘93

Socrates & the Angel of Death

String of Pearls

Are You Going My Way

We’re Gone


Dancing Now


Held Up To the Light

Shady Rest Home

Ms. White

For Molly

Georgia Freeway Lullaby

Sidewalk Van Gogh

Eyes of Galileo

Servant of the Soul

Lost in the Fire

Drawn To the Dark

Dancing Now


Loose upon the Street


The Getaway

Loose Upon The Street


Engine 7 Ladder One

United Nations of America

Small Rural Hometown

Home Cooking

Round And Round

Working In Stone

High Country

Christopher’s Song

Till The World


Close To Home


There’s a Storm


Come to the Land

There’s a Storm


The Front Porch Song   

Shawnee Farm  

Winter in my Soul  

Last Letter Home  

Fire Creek Lullaby 


Just a Breath Away  

Stairway of Time  

Like a Prayer  

Save the Lady  




Live at the Corbin Theater


Dandelion Garden  (4:33)

The Cabin  (4:23)

There’s a Storm  (6:15)

Eyes of Galileo  (3:18)

Kentucky Runaways  (3:26)

Let it Rain  (2:42)

Makerman  (4:10)

Dancing Now  (4:18)

Ferris Wheel  (4:11)

The Front Porch Song (3:33)

Come to the Land  (5:00)

Loose Upon the Street  (5:50)

If Woody Were Alive  (4:32)

Till the World  (4:30)



Warning Bell

Warning Bell  (4:54)

If Woody Were Alive  (4:32)
Bad News (2:56)

Day and Night (4:11)

Weeds of Hate (3:34)

Time to Cross the Line (3:30)

Pass Me the Rocket Launcher (3:38)

The Earth Dreams (3:32)

United Nations of America (3:12)

Come to the Land (4:29)

There’s a Storm (5:19)

Down By the Riverside (3:29)

Dubya (2:19)




Out of Print

Out of Print (3:35)

The Sunrise (2:49)

The Promise (3:52)

Clear Sailing (3:21)

The Missouri Waltz (4:44)

Say Hello to Summer (3:38)

The Monster (3:02)

Baby Boomer Bum (4:02)

Saving Grace (3:04)

Quiet Girl (2:13)

The Swing (4:00)

The Brookside Song (3:12)


Street Corner Choir albums




Changing with the Sky (David’s Songs only)

Changing with the Sky (3:37)

Be the Lightning (4:12)

Day & Night (4:35)

Suzanne (4:43)

Bottom of the Well (4:35)

Christmas Day (4:41)

Town of Yesterday (3:06)


Something Real (David’s Songs only)


Train Wreck Road (3:45)

Shadow Crown (3:43)

Love Gone Wild (4:17)

The Orphan Club (4:45)

Kentucky Runaways (2:50)

Something Real (2:57) (Cowritten with Lezlie Revelle)

Wisdom of the Dove (4:30)

 Stone and Steel

Your Business Dollars  4:15 

Land of Stone and Steel  4:52

Where the Hippies Go  4:35

The Fire Warden  4:04

Solid Gone  4:19

The Bridge  4:16

Firecreek Kiss  4:43

True-Hearted Friend  4:23

Live and Not Learn  3:14

More Time With You  2:59

Caturday  4:19

Tiger On My Couch  4:09

Gypsy Wagon Man

Big Fat Love 4:42

The Box 6:05

So Smart 3:30

For this World 3:59

Salina's Midnight Cook 4:03

Wanderer's Heart 2:53

Fell Into Love 4:04

I Vote No 3:58

Gypsy Wagons 3:51

Wrap Up In The Night 3:16

Murder Behind Their Smiles 3:40

I Like The Old Tech 3:15

Walk For Water 3:16

Gone Too Soon 3:40

Intruder Drill 3:57

The Streetcar Song 4:38

The Cold Sinks In 4:05

When The Moon Turns Blue 4:28

Captain Molly 1776 4:03




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