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Bio for David Hakan

Sometimes the winds of change blow hard on a C harp, wail at the corporate towers and shake the roots of rock ’n’ roll.

Hakan gives us a voice like John Denver's, wit like John Prine's and the subtle poetry of Leonard Cohen.

The guitar sound is clear and luscious. The melodies will have you whistling in the shower and the stories will get you wondering about the world in new ways.

The depth and range of David’s songwriting makes for a great evening. There are quiet songs of healing with delicate finger picking like “Winter in my Soul” as well as energized political songs like “There’s a Storm”. You’ll find big, sing along choruses on some songs and dense poetry in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Eric Anderson on others. The musical styles will slide from bluesy Motown-influenced folk rock to a cappella Appalachian style and then to modern folk.

As a seasoned performer, David crafts short spoken introductions to his songs and connects with the audience in a relaxed, personal way.

David Hakan is a native of Kansas City who has been performing his original music for many years. In 1992 he co-founded the Songwriters Circle of Kansas City with Dave Lizor. This nonprofit organization has a regular event each month to showcase area singer/songwriters. He has  taught songwriting at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest Conference in Iowa. 

David has taught at the Folk Alliance International Conference, as well as showcasing his original music and running the New Song Showcase Stage there. This new folk troubadour has toured the US, Canada and Australia. He has hosted a monthly songwriter’s event in Kansas City, Missouri since 1992.

Songwriting Awards
Showcase ‘96 Open Category Winner for “Salt & Pepper Days”
Winfield Songwriters Showcase ‘98 
for “Barbara’s Place” and “Sidewalk Van Gogh” 
Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2000 
for “Eyes of Galileo” 
Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2004 
for “Bungalow”

Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2015

For “Your Business Dollars” (Alternate)

Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2016

For “Jumping Rope” (Alternate)
Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2017
For "Day and Night"
Winfield Songwriters Showcase 2018
For "Intruder Drill"
Woody Guthrie Festival 2018 Honorable Mention
for "Storm On Fire"

Openers: David has opened for Bill Stains and Dave Carter.

David’s CDs are now available at:, and 

Here you will find Blurbs:

Praise for David’s CD, In Midtown

“...if you enjoy country-tinged folk, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy In Midtown.”

- Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly, KC, MO

“Very nice!...vocals and guitar are so so clean. Good job!”

- Johnsmith

" of the finest songwriters I've heard in a long time."

- Dave Carter

“Great stories. That's what this album is about. From a

Shawnee Farm through a Dandelion Garden to

Barbara's Place all the way In Midtown, David weaves

wonderful stories that ride on his folk style vocals and

guitar. It's quiet intimacy is perfect for easy listening

while kickin' back in the recliner or drivin' down the


- Forrest Whitlow

“Filled with keen insights and gentle wit, David’s songs are perfect

for a shady front porch in the summer and a warm kitchen in the winter.”

- Bob McWilliams, KANU Radio host of Trail Mix

Praise for David’s CD, Dancing Now

Dancing Now...”is a delight.”

- Crow Johnson, Zassafras Mgmt/Booking

“David writes and sings some of the best folk music you will ever hear. He’s easy-to-listen-to and his songs are poignant and personal.”

- Larry Garrett, Songwriter’s Newsletter

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